Winter Weddings

Why a winter wedding?

While most of us revel in the possibility of snow turning the festive season into a magical winter wonderland, the idea of getting married during the winter months would appear to be a strange idea to a lot of people. Why should you want to have your wedding when it’s cold, the days are short, the weather is bad? Well, maybe you just can’t wait for the spring or summer because you are so in love. Perhaps there are pressing family reasons. The happy couple might be skiers who want a honeymoon on the pistes!

Themes for winter weddings

For an adventurous minority, the idea of dressing up in furs and mufflers, arriving at your wedding by sleigh and somehow combining the excitement associated with the festive season with the wedding itself can all be very appealing. Your theme could be winter itself with lots of snowflakes, fairy lights, open fires, a log-cabin reception.


Colours should be white or creams and light blues suggesting snow and ice. In winter you have the opportunity (and, unfortunately the expense) for wearing additional clothing that would be unthinkable at other times of the year. The bride and groom will need coats. Here’s your chance for some tasteful furs (real or artificial according to your conscience and pocketbook). Even his and hers matching outerwear would look great as you set off for the reception or the honeymoon. Think white fur trim, three-quarter length or full length. It could easily be raining or snowing, so it’s sensible to plan some headgear. Keep the winter theme: diamonds, opals and topaz for accessories such as necklaces, brooches, bracelets and tiaras. For the groom, a beautiful tie-pin set off by an appropriate stone. And don’t forget the cufflinks.


Location is important for any wedding, but in winter you have to consider a number of other factors: The comfort of your guests is paramount. If you are inside ensure that there is adequate heating. In summer you want it bright and airy. In winter most of the scenery looks bleak and if you are at higher latitudes then the chances are you are going to have an evening or night time ceremony and reception. So the attention turns to the inside location itself and this should be decorated in a way to bring warmth and cosiness.


Food is very much determined by the sort of reception you are having and your budget. Try to be creative. You want hot drinks as well as hot food. Think soups and hot chocolate. Avoid making a Christmas-style (or Thanksgiving) dinner but maybe try to work on some unique variations on seasonal fare. Ditch the ice-cream for some hot, steamy puddings, coffee with white chocolate truffles.

Reception decor

Think snow, ice, low lighting and candles (safely contained by lamps) on each table. Tableware should also be white or light blue. This is where you may want to add holly and ivy, winter-flowering plants to table arrangements.

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