Wedding Myths & Superstitions

As long as there have been weddings, there have been myths and superstitions to accompany them. Of course, like most things the ideas of myths and superstitions have come from far and wide the world. Some myths are lighthearted and gay, while there are some superstitions that can appear to be quite harsh.

1. Concerning rain on the day of the wedding, some say that many tears will be shed in the marriage, while others are thrilled as the occurrence of rain on a wedding day is considered to bring good luck and blessings to the lucky couple. Some even place a statue of the Virgin Mary in the windowsill to ward away rain and bad luck, while others may hang a rosary from the window or clothes line to insure a rain free wedding day. A rainy wedding day also foretells of many children to be born to the wedding couple.

2. Concerning myths and superstitions of a shoe and the wedding, long ago, the father would pass one shoe of the bride’s to the groom to signify him giving his daughter away in marriage. It is also considered good luck for the groom’s mother to throw a shoe at the bride as the couple leaves their reception so that the bride and her mother-in-law would forever be the best of friends. It is also considered to be good luck if a house cat eats from the brides shoe the week of her wedding. In addition, the bride must have a penny in her shoe while being married for good luck and wealth.

3. The brides wedding dress has its own myths and superstitions of colors and wearing. Long ago, it was considered good luck to have a piece of the wedding gown, so then the dress was literally ripped to pieces with the bride still in it. No dress was to be more becoming or longer than the brides wedding dress as she should be the center of attention on her wedding day and it brought good luck. It is considered unlucky for a groom to see his bride in her wedding dress as well as for her to try on the wedding dress more than one time after alterations. It is also good luck for the bride to enter the church of her wedding on her right foot, while walking down the aisle after the wedding, it is customary to remove both wedding rings to ensure there is no trouble for the couple should she remove them at a later time. As well, the bride should have all the bridesmaids sign the bottom of her shoe, and the name that has not been walked off is the next female to marry.

4. The wedding ring is considered sacred and should not be lent to others to try on, this is sure to bring back luck and even the possibility of unfaithfulness. If ever the wedding rings are removed by a bride it must be the groom who returns them to her fingers to continue the good luck.

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