Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice at Your Perfect Late Autumn Wedding

Before you look at the list your venue’s recommended vendor and begin choosing wedding foods, spend some of the time you spend eating together talking about food. (Pretend you’re French, they say all they talk about at a meal is what they ate, what they’re eating, and what they’ll eat in the future. Never seen anything wrong with that!)

What are your favorite foods? I mean, your really, all time favorite foods? If what you really like is burgers, then serve burgers, wonderful fabulous burgers. Although then this article should probably be about condiments rather than spices!

But if there’s a cuisine that makes you both really happy, why not consider serving that food at your wedding dinner? You want people to get to know you. What you eat is an important piece of who you are! There’s no reason to serve a particular kind of food if it doesn’t represent what makes you happy. Your wedding is special, certainly. But it ought to be a special version of who you are, not a special something that is completely unrelated to you.

What are the herbs and spices that flavor those foods? Name your wedding tables after those herbs. Put out little note cards that talk about why each spice is important to you and what it represents in your relationship.

Print a menu that lists the spice combinations in each food and help people look for the way each spice augments the dish. And there’s nothing that says that spices can’t make your wedding cake even more fabulous. Spices were once considered an incredible luxury. Why not offer them to your guests at your wedding as a sign of how important they are to you?

Spices in food are a way to point to diversity and nuance. What’s subtle about each spice? What’s really noticeable? How does something change when spice is added. It may be that your food is the starting point for creating your wedding ceremony.

If you’re focusing on spices at the reception, celebrate those spices as a metaphor in your wedding ceremony. Grind spices together to make a curry and talk about how a good curry, like a good marriage, contains a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Then move your guests to the table and let them see what good spices can do when used correctly!

This is a great metaphor for marriage and every time you make food with those spices, you’ll recall your wedding day. Strangely enough, something that mundane can help to strengthen your marriage. It’s also a great way to celebrate who you are and what you care for. And that’s a wonderful thing to do on the day you marry your beloved. And it’s a great thing to do all throughout your marriage!

Source by Ann Keeler Evans

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