Pink Personalized Travel Bags Make Great Bridesmaid Gifts

You are planning your wedding and you have purchased almost everything for your wedding so far. You’ve booked the hall, you got the cake getting designed, you’ve picked out your expensive wedding dress and you’ve got your flowers all over the place. But in all of the fuss, tears and head aches you have not got around to buying your bridesmaids any gifts yet. Well do not stress it. In all the planning process you will forget a thing or two every now and then. So don’t worry I have a great gift in mind that will be perfect for your bridesmaids.

Below I have outlined the pink personalized travel bag that will make an excellent addition to your ladies accessories.

“The Cosmopolitan” personalized pink cosmetic travel bag is screams chic and urban elegance. The well designed monogrammed button makes this travel bag a really thoughtful gift for any lady in your life. This cosmetic travel bag is made for really quick clean up with the black polyester and chic pink satin piping and a unique criss cross embroidered pattern that screams personality. The cosmetic bag is not just for looks it is also pretty sturdy with its crush proof design. The bag is tall and very well structured. It will keep your ladies favorite cosmetics protected and easily accessible. The matching black zipper of the bag will extend almost all the way around the travel bag, allowing your ladies to easily reach all of her beauty supplies and cosmetics. The bag also has a strap that makes this cosmetic bag a tote bag as well. The personalized button will snap on very easily to finish off the bag in a very chic and elegant way.

Source by Yolanda Nash

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