Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Space

Whether it’s the attic, your closet, or an extra room where you keep all of the “loot” you’ve accumulated throughout the years, people pay very little attention to their storage space. Most of the time, they just keep on dumping more and more objects in it. Before you know it, you might never be able to find that family album, or your old precious dollhouse, or that gown you’ve been meaning to send to the dry cleaners. Don’t let this happen to you. Be more organized.

Regular cleaning days

If you want to keep your storage space clean and organized, conduct regular general cleaning days especially for that area and try to let go of things you will no longer need. Do this at least three times a year. Prepare two big boxes and collect items you will no longer find any use for in the next two years.

Keep precious mementos (like albums, carefully-selected toys and trinkets, wedding gowns, etc.) in a place where you can easily access them. Invest in good shelving spaces and secure cabinets for the things you do plan to keep and be emotionally prepared to give items (like old sweaters, shoes, etc.) to charity if you think they’re only collecting dust in your attic.

Group and label

Group your keepsakes carefully, and if you must keep them in boxes, label them properly. You should still have walkways in your attic, and they items should be secured well enough so you’re not putting yourself in danger should you be caught there during an earthquake. If you have children in the house, you might want to keep the attic or your storage areas closed just to avoid accidents.

Once everything is grouped and labeled properly, it will be easier for you to check their conditions during your regular cleaning days. Throw away mementos which are being eaten slowly by termites or molds. Mold and mildew build up usually happens in storage spaces which aren’t kept clean and organized, and you don’t want to expose yourself and your family to this kind of risk.

Make your storage area livable

Assigning small storage areas throughout your house may help you keep your keepsakes under control. Use your attic as a studio or a lounge and soon, you’ll be forced to keep things neat, organized, and manageable. When you assign a single room for your storage area, the tendency for you is to just forget about the space, and keep on moving items in it which you can’t quite let go yet because of emotional attachments.

If you arrange everything in your attic well, you might even be able to convert it into a tiny exhibit area for your family mementos. After all, there’s no reason for these things to be kept inside the box if they can be used as decorative items. Don’t let your storage rooms hold nasty secrets you’d want keep away from your guests. Try to be more organized and soon, you’ll be literally proud of every single corner of your house.

Hold garage sales

Garage sales are good ways for you to be motivated enough to let go of your old things. If you don’t want to just give your old stuff to charity, or throw them away, you can raise money for a new sofa by letting go of the old one in the attic, or use the money you’ve made by letting go of your old dresses to redecorate your bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Just be creative and you’ll find a way to get rid of your clutter and make better use of your storage space.

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