Fashion Embellishments

To light up any attire, follow the simple tricks of embellishments. Sew up a few sequins on that old yellow dupatta and a new trendy one is ready. This is a perfect art for remodeling old clothes.

Now getting on serious business, embellishment means to add on or to flourish. A simple green knee length kurti will spark up with a little gota work on its edges. Do the minimum for casual wears and heavier stuff for special occasions. This is an art and many designers are known for their embellishments though their creations seem ordinary with easy cuts and length.

Be it pearls ,crystals, mirror work or sequins. The stuff can be used on all types of Indian wear. Appliques or Borders can be well designed with contrasting satin thread work. Buttons come in various geometric shapes and some almost look like earnings. Beady, transparent, wodden or glass work, buttons are special details. The work around pockets or elbows and cuffs add grace to Chinese collard kurtas.

Lace work is niche too and has a classy feel. Lace come in pastel hues and incorporating them in your tops or saree is a work of an artist. Overdoing embellishments always takes away the charm of garment.

Of late, designers labeled embellishments in pearls and crystals. Clearly a choice of the affluent, this is a chosen style. Embellishments are a complete fashion, be it a shoe, a clutch handbag or hair accessories. The most important job is to add vivacity and life to the entire look.

The exuberance of a wedding celebration can be captured by embellishing the wears of the all the revelers. A visit to a local embellishment shop will dazzle you and you will be awe of such feminine collections. Be it emerald green, watery blue or rose pink the buttons and beadwork is quite a collection. Tassles happen in earthy tones, and typical browns and matching colors. Embroidery work is also undertaken in such shops. Braid work on wollen kurtis is a typical art work from the North.

It would be a good idea to refurbish your wardrobe effectively with embellishments. Old is Gold is NOW a practical idea. Before you wish to discard that old shirt, try to work out an embellishment on the same.

Source by Jennie Kakkad

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