Extravagant Appeal in Conservative Style

With many fashion houses strongly featuring elements of conservative style in their autumn winter collections it is evident that the traditional finely tailored suit, waistcoat and necktie combination will continue to have extravagant appeal.

Funky fashion designers have sought to push the boundaries of accepted men’s fashion in recent years with wacky suit, jacket and shirt designs. But what remains is their commitment to the basic principles of men’s conservative style.

Paying close attention to detail, a finely tailored suit, combined with a crisp white shirt, a fitted waistcoat and smart necktie and cufflinks will always appeal. Garish novelty ties and glitzy cufflinks should be avoided and replaced by quality plain silk ties and cufflinks.

A two or three-buttoned suit, in a classic Italian or American cut, is the most versatile and sophisticated garment you can have in your wardrobe. Adopting a conservative style will help you focus on acquiring essential pieces with muted color palettes to ensure successful combinations. Invest in good quality plain colored crisp shirts and plain knitwear. Make sure you have a pair of dark colored, smart lace up shoes. These items are classic in their design and practical for almost any outfit.

Many women would agree that men who opt for the conservative style look intelligent, refined, of a high class, and know how to dress. A return to the traditional has proven to be a success with many men affirming they feel confident wearing smarter, good fitting clothes. It can be suggested that the appeal of this style is as much to do with the fit of the clothes as well as the perception of the person that is wearing it. Conservative is cool. Stars such as Sean Diddy Combs, Brad Pitt and George Clooney influenced by Hollywood in its heyday, are renowned for their commitment to traditional conservative garments.

Although the amount of qualified men’s tailors has decreased, it is still possible to find some outstanding craftsmen in Saville Road, London, New York, Hong Kong and Italy. These tailors retain the traditional skills of suit-making and often combine their knowledge with alternative textiles to give conservative wear a new twist.

The waistcoat has seen a revival in recent years for both men and women. While also worn as formal office wear, fashion designers have separated this from the three piece suit and combined it with casual shirts and loose fitting ties and jeans to give a modern take on the traditional.

Tweed flat caps have also seen a return, referred to as a golfing cap. It has gained an upper class image in recent years with actors such as Samuel L Jackson and Brad Pitt making it popular. In addition, Guy Ritchie gave appeal to the country gent look by combining his flat cap with brogues and even jodhpurs.

With fashion fads coming and going every year, it is predicted that conservative fashion, largely due to its versatility and positive associations with affluence and success, will continue to have endless appeal.

Source by Adam English

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