Eco-Friendly Wedding Bouquet Ideas

When planning an eco-friendly wedding, you will want to “green up” as much of the wedding as you can, from wearing a hemp-silk bridal gown to serving organic food to selecting crystal wedding jewelry instead of diamonds. The same holds true for the bridal bouquet. After all, flowers can have a large carbon footprint when you factor in flying them in from halfway around the world, and then there are all the decidedly un-eco-friendly pesticides and growing practices. How can a bride green up her wedding while still having something beautiful to carry down the aisle? Easy, by using one of these gorgeous eco-friendly wedding bouquet ideas.

Fresh flowers are undoubtedly beautiful, and no bride should be deprived of the pleasure of carrying a lovely floral bouquet if she wants to. The key to making your fresh flower bouquet more Earth friendly is to source your blossoms carefully. Choose organic flowers, which were grown without the use of harmful pesticides. By opting for locally grown flowers which are in season at the time of your wedding, you will both reduce the carbon footprint involved in transporting your wedding flowers and ensure that the blossoms you have are the freshest and most beautiful. If time permits, the bride can even grow her own wildflowers from seed. Work with a local garden center to find out which varieties are the most reliable and will be in bloom at the time of your wedding.

A bridal bouquet need not contain fresh cut flowers to be pretty. A fabulous idea is to make your own bouquet using vintage brooches. Recycling materials is always an eco-friendly option, and brooch bouquet also happen to be stunning. The neat thing about a diy bouquet is that you have total control over the colors. For a winter wedding, a bouquet comprised of all clear crystal vintage pins would be truly fabulous. Or plan your bouquet around a very special antique brooch borrowed from your grandmother, choosing additional pins which complement the family piece. When your bouquet is made of jewelry, you will naturally want to select your wedding jewelry with the colors and design of the bouquet in mind.

Button bouquets can be absolutely charming. They are a related idea to the brooch bouquets, but have more of a homespun country flavor. Most of us have tons of old buttons laying around serving no purpose, so why not recycle them into something very special? You can also find tons of interesting buttons in antique shops, flea markets, and yard sales. Not only is a button bouquet an eco-friendly alternative to the standard floral bouquet, but it is a very affordable diy project.

Another “green” bridal bouquet is one handcrafted from paper flowers. Of course the paper needs to be selected wisely. Good options include recycled paper, paper made from renewable resources, and even organic cotton rag paper. If you really want to make a unique bouquet, you could start by creating handmade paper (actually easier than it sounds), and then crafting the blossoms from that. The results will be both Earth friendly and beautiful. Best of all, unlike a fresh flower bouquet, a paper (or brooch or button) bridal bouquet is a pretty little keepsake from your wedding that will remain beautiful for years.

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