Creating An Intimate Wedding

While most brides and grooms enjoy the hoopla of a large wedding there are couples who prefer a more intimate and private wedding rich with meaning for just the two of them. While some couples choose destination weddings in romantic settings some couples manage to create the romantic setting of their dreams wherever they are. Not only can these small weddings be extremely romantic but for couples on a limited budget, they may be the ideal choice to starting their married life in debt. Here are a few suggestions that may help you create an inexpensive and beautifully romantic wedding for less than you might think.

Use The Beauty Of Nature To Your Advantage

Late spring and summer weddings are the ideal time to stage a romantic outdoor wedding. There are many lakes, rivers and nature preserves that can be the site of a small wedding. If it is just the two of you a couple of witnesses and the official performing the ceremony, there are many places which will allow the wedding to take place for free as long as it doesn’t interfere with others using the location. It is always good to check with the proper officials when planning a wedding at any site. Perhaps, you have a friend who has a beautiful garden that they would be willing to lend you for an already decorated wedding venue.

While outside winter weddings can be a bit cold, choosing a mountain retreat with a large picture window that looks out over snow covered mountains or other winter scenes can be the ideal backdrop for a winter wedding and save you money on decorations as well.

Writing Your Own Vows

While it really won’t save you money, writing and speaking your own wedding vows that come straight from the heart can increase the intimacy and romance of your wedding and can later be framed to give you a lasting heartfelt memory of your special day.

Romantic Dinner For Two

Rather than electing to have a large reception, you may want to consider having a romantic dinner for two. There are many fine dining establishments that have small side dining rooms that you could rent and if arranged in advance they will even create special wedding table decorations and a small wedding cake that is just perfect for the two of you. Perhaps, a friend or a family member would be willing to provide a romantic outside dining venue for the two of you and cater it as well. There is nothing more romantic than having a candle lit dinner out under the stars.

Even having dinner in your hotel room can be quite romantic if there is a balcony, a fireplace or a great view. When making reservations you can order room service for your wedding dinner and if you make mention of the fact that this will be your wedding dinner many hotels will go out of their way to throw in free things like a bottle of wine or a small wedding cake free of charge to ensure that your stay with them is memorable.

If you are going to have a few people share in special day or your witnesses join you in your wedding supper make sure that you provide wedding favours for those guests as a thank you for sharing this special day with you.

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