Celebrate the Harvest With Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn is the time of harvest – the season when the seeds, planted in early spring with the hope that in the future they would bear nurturing fruit, fulfill their promise, and the time when communities come together to celebrate that harvest. What a wonderful metaphor for an autumn wedding – your early seeds of love have come to fruition and you are now celebrating your commitment to nurturing them the rest of your lives.

Fortunately, autumn gives an abundance of rich colors and flavors to incorporate into a wedding celebration- the vibrant orange of butternut squash, the ruby red of pomegranate seeds, purple figs and grapes, golden corn, and the dappled reds, oranges and yellows of the year’s last heirloom tomatoes. Choose these colors for your bridal party, and carry them over into your reception.

Decor – Be bold in your color choices, use gold cloth overlays over rusty orange, or grapevine or autumn leaves print fabric overlays on ochre or brown cloths on your tables. Use vibrant and economical dahlias, and sunflowers in your centerpieces, or consider forgoing the expensive floral arrangement altogether, and replacing it with a beautiful array of produce to display as centerpieces at your table. Fill a bowl with the fruit of autumn-incorporate both whole and cut halves of pomegranates, baby white pumpkins, seckel pears and lady apples- and garnish it with sprigs of incense cedar and seeded eucalyptus.

Food – Start by serving a bruschetta of roasted multi colored peppers and heirloom tomatoes with basil and parsley, drizzled with olive oil, to whet your guests’ appetites. Then move on to a salad garnished with pomegranate seeds, roasted nuts and crumbled blue cheese, or pancetta wrapped and grilled figs on a bed of baby greens with a deep balsamic fig vinaigrette. Serve pork loin or a boned and rolled turkey breast, liberally seasoned with sage, rosemary and thyme, and napped with a rich apple cider or wild mushroom sauce. Accompany it with a puree of butternut squash, lightly spiced with nutmeg, and braised mixed greens with garlic.

Light sponge type cakes with frothy whipped cream or mousse fillings are great for spring or summer, but consider a heartier apple nut or spice cake for fall, finished with a delicious cream cheese icing. Decorate your cake with cascading bunches of tiny “champagne” grapes interwoven with English ivy, and fresh yellow, ivory or those gorgeous copper colored roses.

Savor the bountiful harvest of autumn-and your love, and celebrate the fruition of your own planted seeds in this season of plenty.

Source by Gisele Perez

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