Best Season for Marriages in India

Marriage in India is an institution, an occasion and a reason to celebrate togetherness, customs and rituals with lots of enjoyment. Parents aspire to achieve dream weddings for their sons/daughters and consider all the aspects such as auspicious date (mahurat), season, weather and other external reasons before finalizing the D-day to tie the knot.

The most preferred season for Matrimony in India is autumn and winters which is from October to March. Around this time, the weather remains pleasant all over the country with cool soft breeze in southern and western region and winters with low and freezing temperature in north and eastern region. Summers are very hot with high in humidity which makes the marriage process less enjoyable. People prefer to conduct marriages in autumn because the celebration of the most important festivals like Diwali, Ramzan, Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga puja have already been celebrated and the families get time to concentrate on the wedding. Due to festivities the markets are usually flooded with fresh stock and have variety of options to choose from. Garment shops and jewelers remain busy attending customers as they know the importance of clothes and jewelry in an Indian wedding.

According to Hindus, the New Year begins after the celebration of these festivals and the months between October and March are considered auspicious with specific dates chosen as the best time for commencement between the newly married couple. The Indian bride feels more comfortable in this season as the temperature remains pleasant unlike summers where the make-up gets ruined by the humidity and sweat. Indian brides wear a heavy work dress which is very heavy and in hot and humid weather it becomes uncomfortable to wear lehengas, sarees or suits for a long time.

Most of the people regardless of their religion and ethnicity consult their astrologers to fix an auspicious date for the marriage where weekends are increasingly preferred by the couple. Basant Panchmi which takes place in the month of January witnessed around 20000 marriages in Delhi alone last year as it is considered as the best day to get married and any interested couple can marry on this day without consulting an astrologer. The preferred venues during this time are farm houses, pandals or huge tents and hotels as these places have open space and pleasant weather adds to the grandeur of the occasion. They are decorated lavishly and the venue usually is very colorful and bright.

Besides winters, May and June are other two months when marriage celebrations take place. Pundits and astrologers suggest auspicious date in these months as well. Preferred venue during this time is closed spaces as the weather is hot and sticky and so hotels and banquets become the first choice for wedding celebrations.

Some people prefer to have destination weddings and plan wedding outside their city. The affluent class in India prefers weddings outside the country or beach side weddings where weather is the dominant factor in choosing such places. Thus, for an Indian bride and groom the climatic conditions play a huge role in making their matrimony a memorable one. Pleasant weather adds to the décor and ambience of the wedding.

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